Soil farm approval may be put to public vote

Fall River residents opposed to a planned soil farm are looking to have a Fall River County resolution turned over by putting it to the vote of the public.
According to County Auditor Sue Gagne, the required number of signatures were turned in and verified to put this to a vote November 4, however, she has turned it over to the States Attorney office for a legal opinion. The issue will be on the Aug. 7 Commissioners meeting agenda.
The commissioners recently  approved Resolution #2014-16, whick allows the soil farm to move forward, after hearing from the public and High Plains Resources, LLC. High Plains is planning to establish a solid waste facility for a peetroleum contaminated soil farm for the purpose of solid waste management.
High Plains will file a solid waste application with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources where they will determine if they can operate the facility within South Dakota Laws and regulations.
Opponents of the soil farm argue it will contaminate the soil, serving as a dumping ground for other state’s waste.
High Plains argues they will take the contaminated soil, allow bacteria to consume the petroleum products in the soil, making it re-usable

Fall River County Herald

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