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School Board Holds Regular Meeting

On Monday, September 12, the Edgemont School Board held a regular meeting.
Superintendant Dave Cortney took the board on a tour of the school to show updates throughout the building.
Business Manager Diane Stevens was going to attend the Business Officials Fall Conference in Pierre. Stevens also reported that the annual report was completed and accepted by the state. She and Cortney have been continuing to work on the budget.
Dean Lane Ostenson stated that they have started their regular staff...

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City Council holds Regular Meeting 9-15-16

On Tuesday, September 6, the city council of Edgemont met at 7 p.m.
Deputy Josh Buckwheat gave the law enforcement report. Councilwoman Sandra Woodward asked if they were making any headway on the program for kids that had gotten in trouble. Buckwheat stated that Sheriff Evans was going to ask Martha Jarman and go from there. Buckwheat also stated that Deputy Logue told him that he did not have anything to do with the program when it was started before. Finance Officer Karen Cain thought that...

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Getting Healthy One Detox at a Time

By Aaron Eberle
There is going to be a new face in town twice a month at “The Shop”. Bonae VonHeeder will be here at least every second Monday and fourth Saturday to offer ION foot bath detox, lower leg massages and foot massage/reflexology.
Bonae grew up in Alliance, NE and moved to Fort Worth, Texas later in her life. Her and her husband, Roy, moved closer to home to be near her parents and get back to the small town way of life. Roy will be starting his own job of making home improvements or...

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Commissioners learn how Counties across the State are feeling Legal Fee Bite States Attorney Sword says this isn’t unique to Fall River

By John D. Taylor
HOT SPRINGS – State’s Attorney Jim Sword wanted to talk with the Fall River County commissioners about how court-appointed attorney fees were a reflection of growing regional and state trends, not a county anomaly, at the commissioners’ Aug. 16 regular meeting. He also wanted to help the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program get some additional funding, since the CASA Executive Director Scott Bader was on hand to ask for county help.
Court appointed attorney fees

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Discussion was held on Fire Department Budget Request at Council Meeting

By Aaron Eberle
On Tuesday, August 16, at 7 p.m. Edgemont’s City Council held a regular meeting at City Hall.
At the previous meeting in August, different entities submitted forms to make their budget requests to the City. At the time the Fire Department had submitted a request for $75,000, when in the past, they had received $13,000.
At the current meeting, discussion was held about the reasons behind an increase in the Fire Department’s request.
One of the reasons behind the request was new...

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Telephone Scams

Some phone scams have been going around Edgemont lately.
One in particular is a call from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The number they are using is 518-875-4400.
Another one is from a so called church organization. They want you to send...

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Council hold regular meeting

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s City Council met on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 p.m.
No one from the Fall River County Sheriff’s office was there to give a law enforcement report. Mayor Carl Shaw asked Councilwoman Barb Strozewski if she had anything that she...

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